It is vital to have the best golf clothing for a couple of best reasons. The primary reason is that first impressions are vital. Ones attire, regardless of the activity, is an expression of a person’s personal attitude and style. A second reason, and an equally vital one, is that golf apparel needs to accommodate the games physical demands.
Every country club or golf course has its own special spin on the golf dress code. The principal idea is the same everywhere. You need to present a best appearance. This is not only an arbitrary matter of etiquette. Right golf attire is meant to show respect for the game, other golfers definitely, and most of all, respect for yourself.
Men have a relatively perfect dress code: A shirt with a slacks and collar. Blue jeans, t-shirts and cut-offs are not permitted on most courses. The shirt can be a pull-over polo shirt, and it can be short or long-sleeved. Slacks, not denim, are proper. Shorts are tolerated provided they are tailored mainly for golf. If you do wear shorts you need to coordinate with them with shade of your socks.
Women’s clothing for golf has a few more considerations given the bigger range of styles accessible for them. Collared shirts are favored but not absolutely needed, but tank tops are not permitted, and neither are tops that expose a woman’s midriff. Like with golf clothing for men’s, a polo shirt will work perfect. Colors for women’s golf wear can be bright but it is a best idea to pick just one bright color if you want to look truly stylish.
Women can wear either a skirt or slacks. There is now a hybrid of skirt and shorts, known as a “skort”, which a lot of women are picking to wear in order to maintain a feminine look of the course.
Golfers spend hours on the course. You need best headgear to mitigate the effect of being under a bright sun for most of that time. Some women golfers will wear just a visor. This saves the eyes from some of the glare but does not save your head from the open rays of the sun.
Finally we need to talk about the shoes. Women golf shoes are most important piece of golf attire that you need to buy. They provide you the best amount of grip for your golf swing, but they still need to be relaxed for about 6,000 yards of walking that you will during eighteen holes of golf.
If you ever complained about your golf bra, or maybe you have just caught her straining to manage certain things on the course, you will love the Tee-bra. Tea-bra which looks like a tank top but not just was the tea-bra relax, it looked remarkable by itself for yoga or and offered plenty of stability for golf and other low-impact sports.