The endocrine system controls the glands that secret hormone directly into the blood stream or the lymph. These hormones are like messengers in the body system, controlling every aspect of the human behavior. They affect metabolism, your desires, growth, food and sexual desire. They control the libido and strength. They work in harmony with each other. At the malfunction of one, the rest will also send wrong signals resulting into sickness, tumors and a lot of human internal and physical disorders. Yoga has the ability to ease these tensions and bring the hormones to normalcy by balancing the endocrine system

Yoga involves the use of systemic exercises and meditations that work in harmony with the soul, body and spirit to balance the endocrine system. These exercises send fresh oxygenated blood to the required area of the body system in the process relaxing the tensed nerves and helping the system undergo a proper and enhance circulation of blood and oxygen.
Note, the function of the endocrine system cannot be overlooked if one has to be in a state of wellness. Apart from hormonal balance, the endocrine system boosts the immune system and builds a resistance for the body against attacks by foreign bodies. Yoga has the potential to balance the functionality of the endocrine system through the routine exercises or poses that will calm the system of all the tension and balance the activities of the endocrine system and secretion of hormones.
Yoga poses for the endocrine system are not complex; they can be practiced supervised or unsupervised, at a center or even from the comfort of your home. You only need to understand the principles and poses. Absolute concentration is one of the keys to yoga poses for wellness.

The thyroid is about the largest endocrine gland in a human being. It is situated in front of the vocal cords and below the Adam’s apple in the root of the neck. It has a distinct shape, like a flat shield. The thyroid is responsible for the production and secretion of the thyroxin (4) and the triiodothyronie (T3) hormones and calcitonin. Note, the pituitary gland is responsible for the regulation of hormones in the body. These hormones help set the basal metabolic rate by stimulating cell reproduction, they also affect bone growth in children, increase the body’s sensitivity to adrenaline, and stimulate vitamin metabolizing. They also bind to receptors in our cells that activate genes to affect fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolizing thus controlling the body’s energy utilization in the cells.
There are specific yoga poses that help to balance the activities of the endocrine system. They calm the nerves of unnecessary tension. The turns and bolsters, the system is excited to proper stimuli. Yoga poses consist of both meditations and poses.
It is a challenge to handle issues related to thyroid malfunction with medical science. But yoga has been found to be a painless cure, using poses, meditation and organized breathings.