There are several health advantages for women who practice yoga. For example, women who frequently take yoga classes are said to experience less pain during menstruation and childbirth. It is also thought that yoga could support to better levels of fertility and support to balance the female hormone system.

Why is yoga advantageous for reproductive health?
Yoga is said to regulate and stimulate a women’s endocrine system, this hormonal system plays a big part in female reproductive health. The glands of the endocrine system produce certain hormones that can simply become unbalanced by the stresses of new day life.

Yoga and the menstrual cycle
Yoga can help to decrease the symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome and decrease any pain experienced during menstruation. Pre-menstrual symptoms contain mood swing, stomach cramps, feelings of anxiety and headaches.
Specific yoga poses that can support with PMS contain the Cobra Pose which has a messaging effect on the stomach. The Cat Pose which can support with lower backache and the sitting simple pose which opens the pelvic place, stronger the spine and encourages calm breathing and a sense of health.

Yoga and fertility
Infertility can be an extremely traumatic experience for many women and while yoga is not a cure for this situation practicing yoga can raise a woman’s chances of conceiving. This is because yoga raises blood flow to and the detoxification of the detoxification of the reproductive organs and also because it attracts relaxation of the mind.

Yoga and childbirth
Yoga is helpful when practiced during pregnancy as it can support to keep the body flexible. Many poses attract the opening of the pelvic place thus making your birth and labour easier. Practicing yoga can also support you to enjoy your pregnancy more completely as it helps to alleviate some of the common pains and aches experienced at this time.
Certain yoga poses should be rejected during pregnancy so it is vital to take the opinion of a well-qualified yoga teacher.

Yoga and female puberty
Practicing yoga can support a girl to balance her hormonal secretions and control her menstrual cycle. With a regular yoga practice from the starting of puberty a girl can nourish and tenor the endocrine structure and all her pelvic organs. Exercising yoga from the start age can also support a girl comes to terms with and become positive about her changing body shape.