The endocrine system controls the glands that secret hormone directly into the body or the lymph. These hormones control the body chemistry or set it in motion once they are secreted into the blood. They control the body in every aspect of its action. Hormone affects our concentration and mood. They are the messengers that control our libido and sex drive. They control our appetite and desires: what to eat, drink, even hunger to smoke. As complex as they are, they work in harmony with each other, as a result, at the malfunction of one, other won’t be able to function properly or send their messages correctly. This will result to a collapse of the system and sickness will set in.

Hormonal imbalance in women can be life threatening. Examples are:
i. In ability to conceive
ii. Painful menstruation
iii. Heavy menstrual flow
iv. Fibroids
v. Difficulty during labor
vi. Early menopause
vii. Severe menopause cramps
viii. Hair loss
ix. Extended thyroid
x. Dryness during sex
xi. Irregular menstruation

Yoga is an ancient Indian philosophy for wellness through conscious exercises, poses, breathing and meditation. Yoga has spread round the globe and is practiced as a safe way to wellbeing. Yoga poses have been discovered to cure cases of hormonal imbalance in women. Below are some poses that eases different effects of hormonal imbalance and also balances the hormones.

i. The Downward Facing Dog
The Downward Facing Dog is one great pose that increases the blood supply to the brain. It works the same way with standing on the head. It relives severe headache and relaxes the mind. It is a quick cure to depression. In this bent position, there is a balance of circulation in the chest and respiratory organs.
On your fours with your arms and legs open, lift gradually to a “V” position. Rest your forehead on your prop, your legs apart and relax.

ii. The Reclining Bound Angle
This pose is also referred to as the “goddess pose”, a great help for the thyroid. The goddess pose is one great pose with immense medicinal benefits. Sitting with your feet touching, fix the strap from your waist to your feet, with your arms open facing up, move your back towards the mat. Rest your back on your well laid props, move your limbs inwards with the feet hooked to the strap. Spread your arms to your sides and relax.
It opens the chest and frees the airways. It also softens the belly and stimulates the thyroid and the adrenal glands. It calms the mind and the nervous system; a great cure for anxiety, depression and headaches.

iii. Reclining Big Toe
Menstrual cramps, heavy flow and irregular menstruation are associated with hormonal imbalance. Any of the variations of the reclining big toe is just the perfect solution. Lying down, lift the leg up, hook the big toe with a strap and hold it down with your two hands.