From puberty to menopause, a female observes a monthly menstrual circle or period. This is when the egg deposited in the womb by the ovaries is not fertilized. It has to be purged out of the womb as blood. It comes with a lot of discomfort and different levels of pain for different ladies. It can come as a heavy flow or a moderate flow. It can be accompanied by severe to mild cramps. The level of pain or discomfort is as a result of the hormonal condition of the body. It can be very severe when there is hormonal imbalance.
Different people with different understanding of what yoga is; but not to get confused, yoga originated from India as a philosophical and systemic approach to wellness by a means of conscious exercises, mediation and breathing. Yoga is said to harmonize the activities of the spirit soul and body.
Yoga uses poses, which can be sitting down, standing, lying down, face forward or face backward, with each having a name. Yoga also involves a high sense of concentration and breathing exercises. In some cases, props are used, they enable you stay in a position for a longer time while you receive the required healing.
Menstrual discomfort is mostly caused by sickness and hormone imbalance. Yoga has been discovered to have the efficacy to ease these discomforts by systematically balancing the endocrine system. There are different poses that helps to ease these cramps and discomfort. However, because of the different levels of pains for every lady, it is best for a lady to know which pose is comfortable for her to ease the pains.
A Yoga Session for Menstrual Cramp Ease (The Reclining Bound Angle)
i. This pose relaxes and eases the muscles of the spine and the belly. In a sitting position, put the soles of your feet together. Exhale, then gradually lower your back torso towards the mat leaning on your hands.
ii. In the process of lowering your back, spread your pelvis with the support of your hands. Let your neck rest on your prop (a pillow as the case may be). On the mat with your neck on the prop, you are free to roll.
iii. Grip your upper thighs with your hands and rotate your inner thighs outwardly pressing your outer thighs away from the side of your torso. Slide your hands along your outer thighs from your hips towards your knees and widen your outer knees away from your hips.
iv. Slide your hands down along your inner thighs moving it from the knees to the groin area. Imagine that your inner groins are actually sinking into your pelvis. Push the points of your hips together. This widens the back pelvis and narrows the front pelvis. Note, with your palms up, release your arms on the floor at 45 degrees from the sides of your torso
v. Remain in the pose for one minute
vi. Gradually get back to the starting position