Menopause is a time in a woman’s reproductive circle when her menstruation stops. It occurs between the ages of 45 to 50. It can be due to health reasons, but mostly as a result of age. Nature has designed that a female’s reproductive capability diminishes as she increases in age. This is as a result of hormonal changes in her system resulting in the slowing down of the ovaries.
Yoga has been proffered by those that strongly believe in orthodox wellness principles as a remedy or medicine to coping with the evading symptoms and discomfort of the hormonal changes. Examples are discomforting hot flashes which are very common with menopausal conditions, night sweats, mood swings, heavy bleeding and fatigue. Yoga is natural; it does not pose the negative effects of accumulation of chemicals by drugs. It is just a conscious use or tuning of the mind and poses to effect healing.
The health benefits of yoga during menopause are enormous; a wellness seeking lady can start her yoga sessions well before menopause to get the system prepared for menopause. When a lady does this, the evading symptoms of menopause and entering the menopause proper will be just a seamless transition. Yoga poses for menopause reduces the effects of the menopausal symptoms caused by the hormonal changes. This it does by balancing the endocrine system.
There are specific yoga poses that act as medicine for menopausal conditions. They can be practiced at home or in a center. They can also be practiced with or without a guide so long as the individual knows the guidelines. Some of these poses are combinations of stands, sittings, backbends, forward bends, lying down etc. Yoga instructors always advice the inverted pose during menopause. It is believed to be very effective in balancing the neuroendocrine system. The effect is that it enhances the flow of fresh oxygenated blood to the glands in the head and neck.
Yoga poses have the power of exciting the glandular system, the organs and revitalizing the cells of the body. Note, all premenopausal or menopausal symptoms have a direct relationship with each other. This is because they are all related to the slowing down of the ovaries and the effects from the activities of the endocrine system. However, it is worthy to note that yoga has the ability to soothe all of them. No yoga pose is more important than the other. Every pose has the power to effectively heal the tension of menopausal discomfort.
Props in yoga can be a chair, a mat or a soft cushion or pillow. They are used in yoga to keep the hands, limbs etc. in the desired position. Props also help you to stay in a pose for a very longer time without strain or bruises. It also helps in conserving your energy while the nervous system relaxes to effect that cure. You need them especially in this menopausal period when the body is not willing to exercise.