Breast cancer is as a result of a sudden malfunction of the hormonal system. This breakdown affects the information and commands issued by the hormones thus sending wrong information to the body. It occurs mostly in women. As complex as the hormonal system is, all the hormones work in harmony. At the breakdown of one, others are also affected. This will result in misdirecting the activities of the body. The result is sickness, which breast cancer is one of them.
Breast cancer is a growth affecting he mammary gland as a result of hormonal imbalance resulting in malfunction of the mammary gland. It is a painful experience which has taken the lives of millions of women, both young and old

Medical science approach to curing breast cancer is either by cutting off the breast or by chemotherapy. Chemotherapy involves the use of chemicals and exposing the affected cells to radioactive rays. However, none of these methods have totally succeeded. It has always been a fifty-fifty case. Most patients still die after being discharged from hospital. Recently, clinicians have campaigned about early detection, but the truth be told, prevention is still the real cure for breast cancer.

Yoga involves the practice of a series of conscious exercises or poses, meditation and breathing exercises.
It encompasses all aspects of human life: physical, psychological and spiritual. Yoga brings the unity of the mind. It works in perfect harmony with the soul body and spirit to bring about expected results. A steady practice of yoga pose can be the perfect solution to a world free from breast cancer:
• It aids to early detection. This has been the campaign of clinicians and stake holders, that early detection of breast cancer can be the only through solution to a cure. This is by examining your breast periodically to ascertain if there is an abnormally in any part of the breast. It involves raising up your hand, and with a special cellophane you gently work your fingers round the surface of the breast. Two things to observe: pain or a growth.
• It stops it from occurring. This is by balancing the hormonal system,
• By easing the pain, and by
• Curing it through the practice

First, yoga practice has the ability to ward off pain and all the discomforts associated with the issue of breast cancer. Breast cancer occurs as a result of the malfunction of the mammary gland and those glands that work in harmony with it. Yoga poses and meditations are a perfect solution to a balanced hormonal system.
If the patient is already cancerous, there are specific yoga poses that help to ease the pain and calm the nerves of the patient. If it is a just detected growth, there are poses and breathing exercises that will systematically burn out the growth. But the bottom line is that, with yoga, breast cancer will never surface. This is becoming yoga always balances the hormonal system.